Elvis Presley: Girls! Girls! Girls! (180g) (Limited Edition Red)


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1 Hörprobe Track 1: Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! 2 I Don`t Wanna Be Tied 3 Hörprobe Track 3: Where Do You Come From Where Do You Come From 4 I Don`t Want To 5 We`ll Be Together 6 Hörprobe Track 6: A Boy Like Me, A Girl…

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  1. 1Girls! Girls! Girls!
  2. 2I Don`t Wanna Be Tied
  3. 3Where Do You Come From
  4. 4I Don`t Want To
  5. 5We`ll Be Together
  6. 6A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You
  7. 7Earth Boy
  8. 8Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
  9. 9Return To Sender
  10. 10Because Of Love
  11. 11Thanks To The Rolling Sea
  12. 12Song Of The Shrimp
  13. 13The Walls Have Ears
  14. 14We`re Comin` In Loaded
  15. 15Good Luck Charm


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