Metallica: 72 Seasons


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1Hörprobe Track 1: 72 Seasons
72 Seasons
2Hörprobe Track 2: Shadows Follow
Shadows Follow
3Hörprobe Track 3: Screaming Suicide
Screaming Suicide
4Hörprobe Track 4: Sleepwalk My Life Away
Sleepwalk My Life Away
5Hörprobe Track 5: You Must Burn!
You Must Burn!
6Hörprobe Track 6: Lux Æterna
Lux Æterna
1Hörprobe Track 1: Crown of Barbed Wire
Crown of Barbed Wire
2Hörprobe Track 2: Chasing Light
Chasing Light
3Hörprobe Track 3: If Darkness Had a Son
If Darkness Had a Son
4Hörprobe Track 4: Too Far Gone?
Too Far Gone?
5Hörprobe Track 5: Room of Mirrors
Room of Mirrors
6Hörprobe Track 6: Inamorata


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Metallica: 72 Seasons
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